about us

Kim Kassas is an emerging Tel Aviv-based fashion studio specializing in bold bridal and evening couture. Kim Kassas Couture caters to a different kind of bride. She is not delicate, but rather she is tough. She is not timid, but rather she is courageous. She does not conform to a norm, but rather she stands out in a crowd. She does not follow fashions, but rather she defines her own sense of style. She is not traditional, but rather she is unconventional. This is not for your typical white gown wedding. Kim Kassas Couture is designed for the daring, eclectic and modern bride.

Launched in 2018, Founder, Kim Kassas and Designer, Dor Yaakov combined forces with the idea of bringing something fresh to the bridal landscape. A true dynamic duo with two very distinct styles and approaches, the brand maintains a perfect blend of sleek elegance and contemporary edge. Kim Kassas Couture combines avant-garde details, high fashion and unparalleled design into each of their collections.